13th International JTEFS/BBCC Conference Sustainable Development. Culture. Education: Interplay of Traditions and Innovations in Education for Sustainable Development May 5-6, 2015, Riga, Latvia

Scientific Committee

  • Atis Kapenieks ( Riga Technical University, Latvia)
  • Irēna Katane (Latvia University of Agriculture, Latvia)
  • Marika Veisson (Tallinn University, Estonia)
  • Abdülkadir Kabadayi (Necmettin Erbakan University, Turkey)
  • Charles Hopkins (York University, Canada)
  • Gyula Lakatos (University of Debrecen, Hungary)
  • Ulla Härkönen (Easten Finland University, Finland)
  • Eugeniušz Švitala (Daugavpils University, Latvia/Poland)
  • Rima Bakutite (Siauliai University, Lithuania)
  • Lidija Ušeckiene (Siauliai University, Lithuania)
  • Jolanta Karbowniczek (Akademia Ignatianum, Poland)
  • Detlev Lindau-Bank (University of Vechta, Germany)
  • Daniel Fischer (Leuphana University of Lüneburg, Germany)
  • Laima Galkute (Vilnius University, Lithuania)
  • Māris Kļaviņš (Latvia University, Latvia)
  • Raimonds Ernšteins (Latvia University, Latvia)
  • Inese Kokina (Daugavpils University, Latvia)
  • Ilga Salīte ( Daugavpils University, Latvia)
  • Anita Pipere (Daugavpils University, Latvia)
  • Ilona Mičule (Daugavpils University, Latvia)
  • Dzintra Iliško ( Daugavpils University, Latvia)
  • Astrīda Skrinda (Daugavpils University, Latvia)
  • Inese Jurgena (Riga Teacher Training and Educational Management Academy, Latvia)

Organizational Committee

  • Atis Kapenieks (Riga Technical University, Latvia)
  • Jānis Kapenieks (Riga Technical University, Latvia)
  • Charles Hopkins (York University, Canada)
  • Eugeniušs Švitala (Daugavpils University, Latvia/Poland)
  • Daniel Fischer (Leuphana University of Lüneburg, Germany)
  • Ilga Salīte (Daugavpils University, Latvia)
  • Dzintra Iliško (Daugavpils University, Latvia)
  • Inta Ostrovska (Daugavpils University, Latvia)
  • Liene Briede (Daugavpils University, Latvia)
  • Mārite Kravale-Pauliņa (Daugavpils University, Latvia)
  • Eridiana Oļehnoviča (Daugavpils University, Latvia)
  • Sandra Zariņa (Daugavpils University, Latvia)
  • Māris Klaviņš (Latvia University, Latvia)
  • Raimonds Ernšteins (University of Latvia, Latvia)
  • Abdülkadir Kabadayi (Necmettin Erbakan University, Turkey)
  • Marika Veisson (Tallinn University, Estonia)
  • Elita Jermolajeva (Latvia University of Agriculture, Latvia)
  • Baiba Briede (Latvia University of Agriculture, Latvia)
  • Irēna Katane (Latvia University of Agriculture, Latvia)

Important information

In case you have registered for the conference and sent you abstract but you have not received a notification of your abstract acceptance until now, please contact us: email lieney3@inbox.lv
We apologise for inconvenience caused.